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Reform Opens up New Space for Tourism

2019/10/1 21:53:43
When it comes to the national day of the year, it is another golden week. According to Ctrip's report, according to last year's growth trend, it is expected that the number of tourists on National Day in 2019 will break through the 800 million mark.
Although the number of tourists will increase, this year, unlike previous years, the main tone of tourism-related products is to reduce prices. Ticket prices in scenic spots have dropped significantly, some have even reduced prices by more than 100 yuan, and air ticket prices have dropped slightly. Among them, international and Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions have reduced the average tax price by nearly 200 yuan, while domestic routes have dropped by nearly 50 yuan, while Hotel prices have also declined significantly.
These benefits are the concrete manifestation of the effectiveness of structural reform on the supply side and tax reduction and fee reduction measures. With less tourism spending and the increase of the actual income of residents brought by the tax reform, we have reason to expect that the tourism industry will produce a more beautiful answer this week. However, it is not enough to attach importance to golden week only. To promote the development of China's tourism industry at a higher level, we need to start from many aspects.
The tourism industry needs to continue to push forward the structural reform of the supply side, which is inseparable from the intervention of visible hands. On the one hand, the ticket prices of scenic spots should continue to decrease, so that the current higher price elasticity can pry tourists' enthusiasm for tourism, forcing the tourism enterprises to focus on collecting tickets to provide higher quality services. At the same time, the departments concerned also need to curb the excessive commercialization of scenic spots. This year, Wen brigade will delisting the five star qualification of Qiao family courtyard, and seriously warn Jiangxi's 15 scenic spots. This is a commendable move. In addition, we should also give full play to the initiative of the market players, cultivate high-quality performing arts and main paradise outside the natural and historical scenic spots, and create more incremental markets for the tourism industry.
The rapid development of outbound tourism reflects the prosperity of the nation, but it is also the result that the development of domestic tourism lags behind the needs of residents for a long time. With China's economy moving from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, commodity trade has tended to balance. As the main body of trade in services, the balance of payments of tourism also needs to be remedied as soon as possible.
We believe that this can be done from two aspects: first, enhancing the attractiveness of domestic tourist attractions, leaving part of the demand for exit in China; on the other hand, we should increase the international publicity of China's tourism industry, improve the convenience of visa processing, and increase the training of language guides, especially small language guides, in order to attract more foreign tourists to China.
Tourism is a comprehensive reflection of the quality of destination development. To comprehensively improve the quality of tourism development, we must comprehensively enhance the comprehensive development quality of destination. China has developed transportation systems, convenient mobile payment methods, and abundant tourism resources.

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